Tips for Preventing and Fixing Frozen Pipes

When temperatures plummet, the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting skyrockets. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage during cold weather, which can cause thousands to repair the water damage—easily $5,000 or more.

As you know, water has the unique property of expanding as it freezes. When water freezes in a pipe, it expands and can exert a...
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All pipes experience wear and tear over time, and tree roots are the nemesis of clay sewer and drain pipes. Because the joints in clay sewer pipes are rarely watertight, they are prone to infiltration by tree roots. Once roots have infiltrated the pipe, they will continue to grow in diameter. This creates or worsens gaps in the pipe joints. In severe cases, the roots will completely break the pipe apart or crush it. Even before the intrusion is significant enough to break the pipe entirely, ...
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Sewer Maintenance Can Prevent Expensive Drain Repairs

Preventive drain line and sewer line maintenance methods can help avoid many types of sewer line blockages. These are the most common reasons we see for clogged sewer pipes.Contact us today for preventative maintenance or if you are in need of immediate help.

#1 Using Your Toilet as a Garbage Can

Sanitary sewer lines are designed to accept human waste and other closely related items. It can tolerate toilet paper of course, but on...
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A sump pump is crucial for keeping the interior of the house as dry as possible. This is especially true for homes that are prone to flooding or that are located in areas with a lot of moisture. A sump pump helps to prevent interior or basement damage by carrying excess water away from the foundation of a house. Over time, a sump pump replacement may be necessary because the pump is in need of repairs or has stopped working properly.

Although it may seem costly at first, a good sump pump can ...
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Basement flooding is a nightmare for any homeowner. Aside from making your basement unusable, a basement flood can ruin your personal belongings and create a serious health and safety hazard.

A sump pump is one of the most important (and most ignored) disaster prevention devices for your home. When this simple system fails, the results can be catastrophic, leading to thousands of dollars in damage, daily disruptions caused by major repair work and higher insurance premiums for years to come. ...
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Water heaters often work perfectly for a decade or more without any care, so they're easy to neglect. But a few minutes of water heater maintenance once a year pays off by extending the tank's lifespan and maintaining your water heater's efficiency and safety.

How to Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Follow these tips to keep your water heater running like new.

Flush the Water Heater Every Six Months

Have you flushed your water ...
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