Residential Ground Work 2

Bird's eye view of new pipe being laid.

Battery Backup
This system has it all: NexPump A.I. Rage, 2 pumps, A.I. controller, 2 heavy duty batteries, and the ability to send email and phone calls to the home owner and even to Balanced Plumbing! Including the 3/4 hp primary pump, this system can pump up to 193gpm (3 total pumps in this basin). In this picture you see 6 seperate lines and not just the 3. And, as if the above were not enough, we gave the homeowner the option to chose where he pumps the discharge from this system.98% of the time pumping to the back yard is just fine, when it really rains hard here not only do we need to keep up we also have to redirect the discharge because this back yard has and will become so saturated that it floods. When the hard rains come the homeowner shuts the valves to the back yard and opens the lines to the driveway. If your tired of throwing away that basement carpet when it rains hard, give us a call and we can come out and evaluate and provide you with a solution that keeps your basement dry.NexPump Dual Battery Back Up Sump Pump System
For this customer, we have the battery back up system working as the primary sump pump and the back up. NexPump offers an easy to adjust slide switch to choose whether or not your NexPump operates solely as a back up system or as primary & back up. The benefit of this option is the NexPump A.I. controller. This controller performs diagnostics every 12 hours. Diagnostics check pumps, switches, A.C. power, battery, the controller and even the plumbing. It gives you peace of mind and worry-free operation for years to come.Please contact us for a free estimate on your battery back up system or sump pump. We have solutions for every home and business.Sump Pump
Duplex Primary Sump Pump With Pedestal Controller. As you see in the photo, this is a primary sump pump system that alternates 2 massive pumps in a 36" x 36" sump basin. In the event that more water comes in than one of these pumps can handle, then the system sends power to both pumps, taking the pumping from 100gpm to 200gpm.This system can be altered to accommodate a light commercial ejector system. Or, if you're just tired of throwing out your basement carpet each year because of a flooded basement, we can come out and evaluate if this is a system that fits your needs.96% Efficient Tank Water Heater!
The A.O. Smith Vertex water heater is among the most efficient water heaters available. At 96% efficiency, this is a nice upgrade from the 65% efficient tank style standard water heaters. These units put out more hot water and recover extremely fast. This is ideal for busy households, more laundry and more showers without having to wait.Water Treatment
Chemical Injection with Contact Tank. This system was designed to eliminate bacteria & iron (in this particular case). Aside from treating bacteria, the system works wonders on large amounts of iron and sulfur. If nothing has worked for you in the past, this may be a solution for you.Residential Ground Work 2
Bird's eye view of new pipe being laid.Residential Ground Work 3
Street view of new pipe being laid.Residential Ground Work 4
Job complete.